Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well, I signed the paperwork for a new car (new to me) today. I still have some things to clear up before I can bring it home, but it's virtually mine.
Funny though, the way things work out to bring up more issues you need to take care of. I spent much of the evening after I got home brooding and reading my bible. You go into high tension situations like car purchases and you find yourself questioning the point of life itself. For me, the questions that came are, "Am I really who I say I am?" and "If I'm not, then just who the heck am I?"
As I read the Bible, peace came to me in Peter's second letter. I'll have to remember to thank him when I get There.

My girlfriend and I saw Hearst Castle on Monday. Right now thinking about that is like imagining things as they'll likely never be, but it was such a great escape. Maybe I'll have some deeper thoughts to share when I'm finished with the purchase of my car.Concern clouds the imagination, and right now I'm perceiving life through pea soup fog.

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