Thursday, September 02, 2004

It's taken me long enough to resurface, and for that I apologize. Sub-current there have been many things going on.
I'm listening to Carly Simon right now. She died in 1995. I didn't know that. The first time I encountered her music was back in the 90's, I believe; a chance hearing of a tune that baits your mind as you watch the intro titles to "Working Girl". Certain musical artists dance on the fringe of my mind but never enter its center stage, one or two songs of theirs surfacing and resurfacing on my journey. Suzanne Vega is another one, "Tom's Diner", throwing its hook toward me as I watched the music video and heard the "made for MTV" version of the song.
Chance connections with people I may never meet, and yet somehow feel connected to.
That's exactly what the collective unconcious is about; the world we all seek to grasp, to live in, but only brush against during the wanderings and stretches of our imaginations.