Monday, April 17, 2006

"If there's one thing that I'm pretty certain of that is paramount above everything else with regards to creating, if you are an artist, or an aspiring artist; open, be open,do whatever it takes to make you open. If you have to change your environment, change it, but just be open; because when you are open, that is when the real stuff comes through. That is when we experience that thing of almost not being in control. In what ways does one get open? The mexicans call it doing without doing, not focusing so much on trying to be open, or trying to write that song, but try to look for devices that will facilitate this openness that I'm talking about, i.e. go and have fun, or do something which is probably unrelated to music...the key thing, I think, is openness."
-Seal (the musician) on New Ground
I've been experiencing some (for lack of a better analogy) artistic constipation. Okay, maybe there's a better way of saying that, but point in case. It's far too easy to fill free time with empty busyness. Perhaps it's time for a hike.