Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Shock filled me when I heard the news about the beheading of Kim Sun-il, the Korean man in Iraq. I touched my neck with disbelief; that one could so easily cut through flesh and jugular of a man he had never known, a man who was not in the military, who was begging for his life...Mr. Kurtz's words come back to me, "The horror, the horror."
When you hear something like that, you find yourself staring at the undiluted poison of an evil nature, the noxious cloud that veils our origins as the creation that mirrored God. And even deeper, the devilish glint of the murderous blade--how can such evil exist.
A little girl somewhere in the US watched the first beheading on the internet, rapt, unsure of what to think, removed a little by the medium, but knowing reality was what she was watching. Reality was dark, cruel, blasphemous, grotesque. She went home, traumatized, unable to function, unable to stop crying, unable to blot out the knowledge that such darkness exists.
History is a testament to the grace of God; that a man who cuts off another's head so easily in front of a camera is still alive...I won't say what I find myself wishing or hoping.
They'll never hear it, but at least I'll know I've said it. My prayers are with you, all of you who knew Kim Sun-il. To his family, his mother and father, words cannot express my sorrow for you.
God will have his vengeance.

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