Monday, March 05, 2007

Okay, so here's what happened: Sunday in the late afternoon we went to the park where I first asked her out when we were in college. I brought along my box of memories from our relationship--cards, little things we made together, ticket stubs, etc. I had included with those things a DVD of the movie we watched on that first real date, The Wedding Planner. While there, we also looked at pictures from our dates and special days over the last 6 (yes, six) years.
From the park, we then went to Cafe Hidalgo, the restaurant at which we ate on our first date. The entire time, of course, she was so sure I would pop the question while we were at dinner. While she and I ate, my friend, brother, guardian angel Jeff set up a table for us on the balcony/terrace above the restaurant. When we had finished eating, and she had given up on the idea of me proposing, we left the restaurant, and took a detour via the stairs to the upper area of courtyard where we "happened upon" a beautiful table set up with candles, rose petals, martinellis and a couple of glasses. She immediately wondered whose table we had stumbled upon. I assured her it was ours, and had to show her the pictures and poetry I had written for her, spread across the table, to convince her; at this point, of course, she knew what was going on. Up there, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said yes through tears and laughter! :)
The entire time Jeff took pictures from a hidden location--if they turned out alright, and when I get a copy of them, I'll post them in my pictures section of my myspace page.
Needless to say, I've been smiling all morning!


Digz guy said...

Congratulations Jon! Was so happy to read that post! You've kept us waiting for years but glad you guys finally taking that step!!
Wishing you both the very best!
And that was some proposal - she is a lucky lady, as are you!
God Bless

thekenyanvoice said...

Man, what a wonderful thing. I mean, I honestly didn't expect this from a man.You got a well documented past which I think is great. I might have to re examine myself caz I think I got my priorities all mixed up. My grind is all I got on my mind 24/7 and I am starting to think that I am loosing out big time in other areas.I am going to step out side the box and smell the roses. Wish you guy a happy marriage.