Monday, October 02, 2006

From the Encyclopedia of Experience: Perspective
It is an odd thing that I spend many of my days worrying about my belly, my budget, my bank account, when truly I'm not in that difficult of a position. Sure, there are bills I end up having to pay a little later, and there are times when I cannot afford what I would like to have, but that's just it: like to have. Many of us live in a microcosm where being "poor" refers to the fact that we cannot simply do as we please on a daily basis. It is not that God is not providing what we need; it's more that we're not getting what we want (and in our human way consider necessity). It may do us well to reflect, every once in a while, on the lives of those in other positions in life which are less advantageous than our own. So here's a start--a family in Malawi that lives on $1 a day.

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