Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I've spent the last few days limping from place to place due to a basketball injury I got on Sunday. Trying to move to fast for my own good, I guess. The past couple of days I've been putting ice on it, heating it, stretching it, but it all seemed aimless--I would get up to walk around and find that I was still sore and unable to walk without a limp. But it made me think of David's "Cast Off Day" blog; we take our freedom of movement for granted so much.

Well, perhaps due to the effort of limping here and there, I've nothing too exciting to say today except that life still throws me beauty and mystery here and there, just to keep things interesting. This morning as I grunted and heaved my way out of my car, a bird overhead caught my eye; it was a raven carrying a branch. I'm sure there's significance in that somewhere; Noah probably would have laughed. Centuries too late my winged friend. The earth is dry, Ararat is forgotten, the ark has likely been stripped for firewood; we belong to times other than these. Still, at least you've not forgotten how to fly or build a nest.

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