Sunday, January 01, 2006

Crisp freshness of a new year’s birth

Hazy fog clouding everything but vision—

Oh to not be a crazy driver this year!

* * *

On New Year’s Eve camaraderie is at its pinnacle—we’ve made it through something, some unspeakable journey. We watch the ball drop in Times Square, or simply count down with glasses raised in celebration; we make resolutions, just as we have in years past, trying not to think about whether they will be broken, but only about what boldness means when you’re celebrating time’s unceasing march forward. After all, what is a man or woman if they cease to aim for a higher level of existence? There’s an unnatural emptiness in movement without some manner of direction.

So here it goes again. I will tell you right now that I failed to complete some of my resolutions last year—in fact, I failed all the ones I had a sneaking suspicion I would. Yet I will hold to those for another year yet—otherwise, where would I be without a little tenacity to make up for procrastination? Some resolutions I managed to fulfill in the past year—all of which had to do with a changed outlook and personality rather than tasks and trials. These too will remain; life is meant to be a conglomeration of such experiences.

And here’s a new resolution; not for a new year, but for a new perspective on the whole: To find creative power in existence and renewal of myself each day; to truly be the indomitable lion that runs in my blood.

Here’s to 2006, my dear friend. Here’s to courage, resilience and all that makes life truly beautiful.

* * *

Empty streets full of the possibilities of parked cars,

An ancient year never yet seen breathes into our lungs,

One more time I put shoes to ground,

A marvelously new creation.

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