Monday, August 08, 2005

A poem from Saturday morning:

Living God
In you I live and move,
and have my breath,
Can I see you in it all?

The vast mountainscape,
churning ocean,
tipping tides, now near,
now out of reach;

Can I hear you over the rumble
of city-people-life,
the growling engines and
jibber-jabber cell phone talk,
the hissing barristas,
pounding car stereo bass...

I have strained ears and eyes
to touch your face,
to see your hands;
and hurtling through outer space,
all creation groans as the metro bus
lurches by, each breath of diesel fumes
floating up like incense, like a prayer,
like trees stretching ethereal branches to

You are there, I'm sure,
aware of it all,
creating it all somehow,
hearing the nothingness in noisepollution,
and the distant cry for salvation
in the opening of a bill heavy mailbox.

I see you in it all,
though my eyes and ears search endlessly,
and my fingers only filter wind;
I see you, and there I bury my hope

-Jon Seruyange, 8/6/05

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