Monday, October 25, 2004

I know thing's may not be complete yet, but once some stones start rolling, their trajectory is sure:

For Kristin
It was an eventful day for all of us, but for you, my dear sister, for you heaven must have panted in exhausted empathy. Even so, smile, though he may not be there today, smile and remember that you've gained another home, another family, another place and people to call your own beyond the one you've always known.
For my fellow lionson, David
California dreaming was never so surreal, I'm sure, yet in the surrealities of life we find ourselves, courageous, strong, happy and well. I know more was going on than you could show; more joy, more triumph, more gratitude, more nervousness. And the happiness; my brother, as you unravel it, it will guide your search for that city we all seek like a beacon.
A blessing: May you find happiness in heaven's chosen journey-mate for you,and may the road together be long, pleasant and complete.

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