Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Despite my oh so lofty meditations, life does occassionally take a turn for the ordinary; in fact, office life is anything but extraordinary most days of the week.
Saturday this last week I went to a concert with my girlfriend. It's amazing how much of a step outside concerts can be. I had heard a song or two by the band before, but my guesses as to what the group looked like were completely off. In the bathroom at the concert venue (somewhere in L.A.) they had these "waterless" urinals. I know, I know, a little too mundane an observation. But have you ever wondered exactly who it is that designs the porcelain? What does a meeting at such a company look like? What do the bathrooms in such a place look like? Anyway, this whole experience revolutionized the way I look at bathrooms. Soyinka has a character in one of his novels who creates an entire philosophy of life based on his contemplations of bowel movements. I didn't go that far, but today I was wondering what kind of perspective on life the person who figured out the flush mechanisms in toilets had. Didn't have time to find that, but this was kind of...interesting: http://www.plumbingworld.com/historytoilet.html
There's always more to the mundane.
So life goes on. Spent a few minutes this morning standing in front of the coffee vending machine wondering why it is that Regular coffee costs 10 cents more than French Vanilla. Go fig. I wonder if inside there's a little container with a label, kind of like the ones on those juice bottles: 10% Coffee (just what is that other 90%? I know it's not water.)
And that's it. The long day is almost over.

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